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Web Customer Service Associates - Simons Campus (Quebec City))



Simons Campus – E-commerce

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Do you love working with customers, providing exceptional service and working with new technology? The Web Customer Service Associate position is perfect for you. Simons offers stable jobs that suit your interests and skills.

The team 
The Web Customer Service team is a team of individuals who work closely together to provide their services to customers and enhance the online shopping experience. Team members answer questions about purchases, the status of online orders, merchandise, returns, as well as those related to the Les Simons loyalty program or the events and activities offered on our website.

Using different platforms, Web Customer Service Associates perform a multitude of tasks on a daily basis to provide the high-quality service our clients expect.


  • Ability to work in an IT-driven environment
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written (English and French)
  • Meticulousness and good organizational skills
  • Be an empathetic and friendly person

The position at Simons Campus offers: 

  • a discount on your Simons purchases
  • an opportunity for advancement within the company
  • Collaborative workspace that fosters connections between teams.
  • Spacious offices.
  • Bright and comfortable break areas.
  • Training area with changing rooms and kinesiology services.
  • Cafeteria service offering an extensive and affordable menu.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please fill the form below. 

Simons Campus – E-commerce
9205 John-Simons Street
Quebec (Quebec) G2B 0S6
1-877-666-1840 ext. 1498
Area not accessible to the public